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QuERI-International trade and industry databases cover 72 countries and more than 400 industry (commodity) categories classified at the US NAICS 6 level of detail.

Based on primary data sources from the United Nations (UNIDO, UN SNA, Comtrade) as well as national source data, QuERI models and databases extend the reach of these government datasets by adding additional information derived from our proprietary methods.

Econometric models link production, consumption, international trade, and employment using input-output models and bilateral trade relationships. We combine macroeconomic inputs based on Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts with model developed relationships. The result is a set of industry databases and forecasts that are logically consistent and comparable, providing analysts with consistent size estimates for cross country comparisons.

Who is QuERI?

Emerging Markets Direct

Emerging Markets Direct is the eponymous publisher and provider of news, data products and research services on what may be the world's fastest growing, yet information opaque markets. Formerly part of ISI Emerging Markets, our company was born in the August 2011 management buy-out of a selection of certain ISI assets. So while our company is new, our products are products have been used by leading companes in finance and industry for over 13 years.

Our IntelliNews (www.intellinews.com) service has been reporting on Eastern Europe since 1996. Using analysts, editors and economists native to the regions about which they write and report, we have long been a staple in the daily diet of top City and Wall Street analysts and business professionals with Emerging Market remits. Their fortunes hinge on being aware, informed and ahead of their competitors, and it is our job to see that they stay there.

In addition to our IntelliNews line (and following the same philosophy of emphasizing ‘on the ground’ staff and expertise) we publish a series of industry analyses, which are made available through premium channels such as ISI Emerging Markets and Bloomberg, as well as via our own at EmergingMarketsDirect.com

QuERI (www.Queridata.com) is our data division. Used internally for our research purposes and applied to specialist consulting engagements by its creator David Blond for over 30 years, QuERI is for the first time being made available as a standalone data base, supported by the research and customers service staff of Emerging Markets Direct.

Emerging Markets Direct is headquartered in Boston, with further research and editorial bureaus in Istanbul, Sofia and Kuala Lumpur, and with staff in a further 12 countries in Asia, the MENA region, and Europe.

David Blond - Chief Economist

David Blond is an international trade economist with over 30 years of experience in developing analytical frameworks and has specialized in international trade flows and market demand. He applies multi-market and multi-commodity statistical techniques to model economic data for large-scale macroeconomic, industrial, trade and transportation concepts and forecasts.  Dr. Blond has designed unique frameworks for cost-benefit analysis including risk-based analysis techniques utilizing partial data sets – cleaning data and replacing missing data – as well as developing quantitative analogues for qualitative factors.

Dr. Blond has served as an outside consultant to the EIU, a senior associate at Logcapstrat (Formerly Merge Global), and a Principal and Director of International Forecasting at DRI/McGraw. He was a former Senior Economist in the Department of Defense, and has worked for the United National Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Geneva. Dr. Blond holds a Ph.D in International Economics and an M.A. in Economics from New York University.

James Hammond - CEO

James Hammond has more than 18 years in the international data and information industry. He is Publisher and CEO of Emerging Markets Direct, whose products include the QuERI databases, the IntelliNews News and Viewswire, and the eponymous EMD Analytics line of industry analyses. From 1996 to 2011, Mr Hammond worked for ISI Emerging Markets, most recently as Director and Executive Vice President, where he headed marketing and Product development of the company’s market leading financial and business information services and databases, and in charge of M&A activities, identifying and executing 5 transactions for ISI, including CEIC. He was the company’s Regional Director for Latin America, Country Manager for Chile, and Country Manager for Mexico.

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