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Who uses QuERI and how

QuERI Global Industry & Trade Databases simplify the analysis of market performance for industrial companies, financial service firms, and governments.


Financial Institutions and Investment Managers
  • Analyze markets for their future investment potential
  • Manage fixed income and equity exposures using QuERI developed sector weights by region and world
  • Quantify industry risks using the bilateral exposure model for supply chains
  • Benchmark performance using country, region and world totals by industry or commodity
  • Rank sectors by size, past performance, and future growth potential
Manufacturing Organizations and Strategic Planners
  • Compare and Size markets
  • Identify new growth opportunities
  • Link company performance and sales forecasts to market opportunities
  • Benchmark company and sales group performance
  • Using IO linkages follow key market drivers for company performance
  • Develop scenarios to assess company performance under varying global market conditions
  • Develop marketing strategies for penetrating new markets (investment versus trade strategies)
  • Analyze market position and relative performance in trade community and world
  • Trade shares by commodity and region
  • Market size relative to competitors
  • Market Growth potential by sector
  • Develop incentive programs and measure performance against objectives, cross-country norms
Sample List of Clients:
  • McKinsey & Company
  • VISA
  • Qatari Investment Bank, Qatar
  • Arcapita, Bahrain
  • HSBC
  • Louisiana Ports & Waterways
  • Schneider Electric
  • Quantec Research
  • OEKB Bank
  • Blue Canyon Consulting
  • Merge Global
  • AT Kearney
  • BASF
  • EADs
  • World Bank
  • Panama Canal Authority


Trade patterns and market demand attributes are germane to investment decisions, portfolio allocation models, sales target setting, and resource planning for professionals in finance industry and government. Here are some of the ways we’ve seen customers use QuERI:

  • QuERI data can help companies develop strategic plans and assess performance of country sales forces.
  • Data can allow companies to benchmark sales against objective, independent market size estimates at granularity greater than is available from other sources – commercial or governmental.
  • Managers of international portfolios can use QuERI market and industry specific estimates to rebalance global multi-product ETF portfolios.
  • Linked to company internal sales data, QuERI is useful for scenario development. Pre-developed econometric links between QuERI baselines and company sales performance data offer an easy to use planning tool or quick response estimates when economic conditions suddenly change.
  • QuERI data can surface the relationships between countries and regions.
  • A single metric – US dollars and real 1995 US dollars – applied across all countries facilitate cross market comparisons of industries and market sizes.
  • Combining population sizes with production or consumption allows for size independent estimates.
  • Using world or regional totals with country data makes global share comparisons simple.
  • With the ability to drill down form broad market aggregates to finely defined commodity sub-sectors, analysts can offer insights into which products offer the best opportunities for sales and growth.

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